Westwood College’s Online Programs

Earn your Degree from Westwood College Online

The Degree you want and the schedule you need.

People have many commitments that may keep them from attending a traditional campus. Face it, life happens and you shouldn’t have to place your life on hold while you work toward a career. Consider the Westwood College online campus, and you won’t have to! Westwood College’s online learning programs incorporate degree and course options into a convenient, flexible at-home package. Through advanced technology, such as highly developed audio and visual tools, career-oriented individuals are able to garner the education they desire while maintaining a career.

Online colleges provide students the same access to tutoring, computer support, and other student services that traditional students would receive on campus. Students can interact with professors and other students through online discussions and exams are taken electronically. Online courses offer attendance flexibility –students can attend class at any time of the day or night by simply logging into their classroom interface and participating in course discussions through interactive postings.

If you are ready to earn your online degree, providing flexibility with your schedule then Westwood College has a program for you! Visit a campus near you or contact Westwood College to learn more about the online programs available through the School of Technology, School of Design, School of Justice, School of Business, and the School of Professional Studies.